A couple months back, some of my school friends at Eye4Games successfully ran their first kickstarter to release AlakaSLAM [kickstarter here]! 

In a nutshell, this is a fun and visually appealing strategic card game centered around the pleasingly silly premise of ‘wizard tennis’. I got my copy in the mail (and then, of course, proceeded to take lots of bad quality phone pics for the tumblrs.)

It took me and Omma a little bit to sort out the distance/side-to-side game mechanic (if I had one suggestion it might be to include a legend on each card with e.g. “->red 1, ->forward 2” just to make it extra easy for casual newcomers to pick up on), but once we did things got competitive pretty fast. The thing I like about this game is how quickly the advantage can shift— say your opponent’s sending strings of aggressive serves, and you’re certain you’re losing, but then you find a combo cards that sends them rushing across the court for the ball. They dash over to reach that opposite corner in time, but they just don’t have enough enchantments.  Point to you!

Or maybe that’s just how we played it. We haven’t gotten too deep into strategy yet, but I’m curious what other folks might have come up with. :)

The characters are quirky and fun as well. I’m looking forward to trying more of them out to see how their special abilities pan out!


Last part of the RDA art dump. Mostly unused stuff. Backgrounds, which I think may have been used? Early storyboards, and a high angle Karkat which I don’t think made it in, but was used as a banner teaser for about the first year of the project.


Original version of the Vriska piece and the edited RDA version. I had to edit it several times and got pretty pissed off due to a lack of ability to say the word “please” by the person doing so. The background, which was edited 3 times, didn’t even need to be used in the final thing ¬_¬ (I told them it didn’t read well!)

This image was originally inspired by “Killed b Br8k spider” and was drawn before we’d ever seen Ancestral Awakening in the comic. I donated it to the project very early on and it strongly influenced the Vriska portion of the animation and how it was storyboarded.

(Yeah, reworking pieces and duplicate artwork was definitely…. a thing.)

Didn’t realize this had influenced so much of the Vriska scene aesthetic! Looking back it makes total sense, though. 


Rex Duodecim assets dump part 2. Lots of Blue Team Trolls. I think all of these got used in the final thing? All or nearly all anyway.


Dump of my Rex Duodecim assets. Part 1. AUGH OLD ART.

Yes, the Problem Sleuth reference in RDA was me.

Fantastic work by fA/DM (who did EVEN MORE stuff than i was initially aware of, dang)

Being that you're an industry expert, I was hoping if there were any tips or advice you can give to an aspiring Animation Series creator. Any lessons you've learned from working in the industry from so many years. What advice would you give yourself if you were starting out trying to get you're animation picked up by a major network?


Yeah I have a big piece of advice! Stop “aspiring”!!!!! Your aspirations end now!!!!

YES YOU! DON’T WAIT! START NOW! (passionate rambling incoming…)

The freaking coolest thing about living in the year 20XX is that you don’t have to have anyone’s permission to be an Animated Series creator. Grab a trial copy of Flash, or make flipbooks, or your own GIFs, or make some stop motion with your phone. Just start making whatever you want! Don’t save your good ideas for some big-wig executives or networks. Just do them right now! Don’t be precious with your ideas, just put them out there. 

Content that’s on TV or in movies is not “more official” than stuff you make in your home on your spare time to share with friends on the internet. It’s all the same!!!!! As long as you enjoy it, who cares!! And if other people happen to like it also, then BONUS!! 

The experience you get from trying to make something good on your own is so much more important than any future dream of being a big shot. Upload what you do to the internet and get feedback, show it to as many people as you can and listen to critiques. Learn to do stuff all by yourself, and only for your own pleasure.

From what I’ve seen, the people who end up creating a good animated series are the same people who have been creating their own stories, cartoons, comics and music on their own just for fun long before they ever got the shot at the big-time. Read about how your favorite cartoons are made, and try to do the process on your own. You’ll learn what your strengths are and what you’re interested in exploring.

(If you don’t have the facilities to create animation on your own, make something smaller scale- like a script, a comic, or a storyboard!)

OK THEN HERE’S STEP TWO: once you’ve learned to love your work on your own and figured out what you like to draw and what you’re passionate about, you may get a chance to pitch an idea. And thanks to the work you’ve done, you’ll be READY! Instead of some half-finished ideas, you’ll be able to point to all the amazing stuff you’ve created on your own and say “look, I already know what I like, AND I already know how to do it!” —-that’s WAY more impressive than an undeveloped idea with nothing to show for it. PLUS, the bonus of doing good work on your own is that you’ll attract attention and opportunity! I know so many people working in this industry who were discovered from their own silly personal work that was just randomly found online. 





I took a ton of shots, and I’m bending my “if I get it done by midnight” by just… 40 mins, but whatever.

YAY I FINALLY FINISHED TEREZI. First time I’ve ever made a pair of… crocs. uhh. (detail shots will follow later). Everything’s made by me, from scratch, blahblah. Check out my sewing tag if you wanna know/see more!

the scalemate is like, two inches tall. Itty Bitty Pyralspite

Aaaaah finally got to the post stupid internet wifi

Aaaaah it’s miiiiine


And it’s GO TIME!

[S] Rex Duodecim Angelus is on Youtube and ready for your enjoyment.

I am so, so, so, so proud of us.


[S] Rex Duodecim Angelus - Battle of the Black King

The trolls battle to the death with their 12x prototyped Black King in living color with honest-to-god-animation. This is it, the final fight; where shit gets real and nothing, not even breeding the universe frog, takes priority over kicking the ass of the entire dersite army and it’s behemoth of a leader. 

39 months ago, the idea to animate this battle was born in the MSPA forums and against all odds, it steadily grew into the unadulterated masterpiece you see before you.

This was a volunteer project with revolving door of artists and animators, who planned, storyboarded, created assets or short animations, organized and backgrounded.  There was not a whole lot of stability during my time with the project. So I want to give a big shout out to our lead animator Takfloyd, who almost singlehandedly kept things moving forward for the last year and a half after the original crew faded away from the project; and the fantastic Elanor Pam, who likely created more art for this video than anyone else. Their relentless contributions kept us all motivated. (Also giving a little shoutout to BlackHolePA who was just so damned helpful all the time)

Homestucks, today is a good day to be proud of your fandom.

Artists: too many to list, see credits
Music: Rex Duodecim Angelus by Toby “Radiation” Fox

40 to 60 people contributed to this project over the last three years, check the wiki for a more complete idea of who did what.

As someone who joined on at the last minute as well, I am 100% in agreement with those credit shoutouts! Takfloyd and Elanor Pam put an incredible amount of dedication and work into RDA, and BlackHolePA made art, helped other forum-ers, took names and worked on many of the less glamorous tasks that were instrumental to making this project happen.

If you contributed anything to this— art, storyboards, animation, credits, cleanup, file-hunting, organization of people or assets— thank you for helping to put this awesome fandom-wide collaboration together! 


I don’t understand, why did you reblog a picture of a normal dude hanging out on the street


I don’t understand, why did you reblog a picture of a normal dude hanging out on the street